Monthly Archives: November 2009

Finally Finished! Now I can go look for kids under the mounds of dirty clothes.

The dishes are piled up in the sink, the laundry is out of control, I managed to forget I was making tea ( I won’t give you the details but it wasn’t pretty), and I didn’t hear my five year old when she asked if she could have candy for breakfast and I apparently replied “um, yes, sure”….BUT the good news is I have finished my second novel. Granted it will now have to be …

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Releasing your baby to be poked and prodded

It was easy to hand over my finished novel to my mother and let her read it. I knew if she hated it that she would let me down easy and use positivity to lead me in another direction. I had no nervous knot in my stomach as I handed over the manuscript I had spent hours, days, and months typing away, retyping, editing, rethinking, editing some more…etc etc etc when she took my novel …

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