Dear Santa,

I’m sending out my letter a little late but I wasn’t sure of your deadline date.

My list this year is quite long but then I have been good and I haven’t done one thing wrong. I would ask my husband for some of these things too but I’m afraid, when it comes to this list, he wouldn’t have a clue. So here it goes: my number one need is an invisibility cloak so that I may be able to go to the bathroom without a five year old in tow and enjoy a long soak. Next I’ll be needing a diary so that I can write things in it I do not want anyone to know, therefore making it something I feel I must guard, even when I’m dead and lying low. Then, I could really use a best friend who can double as a space heater, this would really slow down the usage of our electricity meter. I’d also really like some extendable ears now that I have a preteen in my house that whispers when with peers. While you’re at it, pick me up some fever fudge too I could always use that when I’m faced with something I don’t want to do. If you could possibly bring me a vervain plant it would come in handy when I need to write and my husband is a little randy. And last, but certainly not least, I could use some sparkly, white and let’s not forget cold transportation just make sure it doesn’t bite. (Unless it looks like Edward then I might take that into consideration). That is all I want this year. I hope you and yours have a season of Holiday cheer.

Abbi Glines