A little over a year ago, my husband went with a small group of people into San Benito, Nicaragua. They went to help the people in the small rural community build a safe structure among the many mud, cardboard, and plastic huts they called home. The building would be their church and a shelter from the storms. They went with a purpose and came back with a mission.

They had heard of the poor conditions in San Benito but nothing prepared them for the moment they stepped off the passenger van and walked into the city on muddy waste covered roads. Children greeted them with smiles and were eager to show them around. Things as simple as sunglasses and shoes fascinated the children. While they built the church, those kids won over their hearts.

When they returned back to the comforts of their homes, they knew that their lives had been changed forever. No longer could they sit safely at their dinner tables and eat warm meals without thinking of the families they had left behind.

From this, Restore was born. A boy in that town had made them a bracelet out of ribbon and can tabs. So, they began making that bracelet and selling it here in America. The proceeds from the bracelet go directly to this small town in Nicaragua as well as other small villages in Central America. Clean water isn’t something unknown to them now. A little girl won’t have to walk a mile to a well and pump a gallon bucket full and walk a mile back to her mud hut because Restore is making a difference.

What can you do?

Buy a bracelet and/or t-shirt from their website www.joinrestore.com
Order a “pull tabs save lives” kit to put up in restaurants/bars for people to pull their tab off and send it into Restore.
This Christmas you can donate $20 to feed and supply presents to a family in the Philippines who without your help won’t even know it’s Christmas time.