Monthly Archives: January 2010

Breaking Rules

Rule breakers drive me crazy, yet I am drawn to them. I do not break rules, if I can help it. I have this order/control freak thing, in me, that thinks if everyone followed rules, then the world would be a better place. This is a trait my ten year old son has inherited. He is pleasant to be around and is polite. However, today I had an eye opening experience. Austin has been our …

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2009 was one I won’t soon forget

The clock is ticking away and before I finish editing this blog it will probably be 2010. This past year has been one packed with emotion for me. I began 2009 with quite possibly the best gift I have ever been given…well other than my kids…my Mac. January and February I stayed up all hours of the night writing a story with characters that fascinated me. After several rewrites, edits, blood, sweat and tears, I …

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