The clock is ticking away and before I finish editing this blog it will probably be 2010. This past year has been one packed with emotion for me. I began 2009 with quite possibly the best gift I have ever been given…well other than my kids…my Mac. January and February I stayed up all hours of the night writing a story with characters that fascinated me. After several rewrites, edits, blood, sweat and tears, I received a contract from Wild Child Publishing for my first young adult fiction novel, Breathe. However, while I sent out queries for Breathe, I continued to write and finished a young adult paranormal fiction novel, Beautiful Soul. During all of this, I somehow managed to lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 lbs.
All this said, 2009 was a good year for me. Sure, I had some dips in the road. Dad was diagnosed with cancer but his surgery on December 16 was successful and he is now in the clear. I didn’t think we would ever move into our new house, after over a year of building it, but on August 1st we moved in, FINALLY.
So, come on 2010, I’m ready for you….. bring it on.