Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins:
A teen romance filled with angst and keeps you guessing. It is completely from Anna’s point of view so you are constantly wondering what exactly St. Clair (her French/American buddy with a British accent who is completely drool worthy and also very taken) is doing.
Anna is shipped off to an all American boarding school in Paris. She is taken not only from her best friend but also away from the guy she has been lusting over all summer and has just recently kissed. Instead of having the guy of her dreams she will be spending her senior year in a foreign country with strangers.
Fortunately she makes friends with Mer, the girl rooming next to her, and is immediately accepted into Mer’s group of friends. Etienne St. Clair is one of those friends. From the moment she meets him they click. They seem to fit perfectly. But two things stand in the way. One, St. Clair has a college girlfriend who he has been with almost a year. Two, Mer, who has made it easy for Anna to fit in, also seems to be harboring a massive crush on St. Clair herself. So, Anna decides that all St. Clair will ever be is her friend.
Anna’s almost boyfriend from back home calls and emails her often. She settles into life in Paris while her relationship with St. Clair gets more and more confusing. It doesn’t take long before Anna is head over heels for a boy she can never have…or can she?
Loved this story. It has you rooting for Anna immediately. You aren’t real sure what St. Clair’s feelings for Anna are throughout the story because Anna isn’t sure. However, all the little things she never noticed or understood is all brought to light in the end. A definite page turner.

Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck:
This is one very well advertised book. After weeks of seeing posters all over Barnes and Noble I decided I probably needed to overlook the back flap of the book and give it a go. I’m a little over the whole shape shifter idea. It’s as worn out as vampires. However, this one was actually unique.
Kelsey has no idea that the white tiger she is so fascinated with at the circus she is working at for two weeks is actually a cursed prince. When she is paid to travel with the tiger that is being sold to a reserve where it can roam free she thinks it is simply because the tiger obeys her so easily. It isn’t until she is chasing after the escaped tiger into a jungle that the tiger decides to turn into Ren. A gorgeous boy dressed in white linen clothing. Ren isn’t like most shape shifters. He is cursed and can only be human for 24 minutes in a 24 hour time period. The rest of the time he must remain the white tiger.
Until Kelsey entered his life he hadn’t even been able to turn at all. She was the key to breaking his curse. Ah, but it isn’t just him who is cursed. His brother had also been cursed. While Ren is white and good. His brother is the bad boy. His tiger is black and his actions purely selfish. It is very Stefan/Damon from the Vampire Diaries set up.
This book begins the trilogy that I see going in much the same direction as good ‘ol Elena. It’s obvious Kelsey is going to be stuck in a love triangle between two brothers. One who is all things good while the other is dark, dangerous and all things exciting. I’m a Damon fan myself so after reading this book I am definitely hoping we get a little more bad brother action in the next one.