Fortune telling isn’t my thing. Fact is, I don’t want to know my future. The heavily jeweled ladies with their lovely glass balls, colorful cards and smoke filled rooms offering to tell me my future for money has never been a temptation. However, I have been tempted to pay them to leave me alone while walking the streets of New Orleans. Grabbing someone’s palm is really bad etiquette if you ask me.

Anyway, for the sake of research for a book currently rolling around in my head, I decided to Google Palm Reading. Why Palm Reading? Because I had a palm readily available and my mother had never mentioned palm reading when scaring me away from other fortune telling items. Wigi boards for example: my lovely mother informed me at the age of nine that if I played with the Wigi Board my friend kept bringing to school I would get a demon in me. I’m thirty-four and to this day if I see a Wigi board I break out in a sweat and get the heck out of dodge. So, palm reading seemed safe enough. Me, Google, and my own hand.

The good news is I am going to live to see a ripe old age with a clear mind and healthy body. My life line is kick butt. After checking that out right away I decided this couldn’t be all that bad. I moved on to check out the other lines that held interest to me. It all checked out to be very promising. I was deciding this fortune telling stuff happened to be kinda fun. Before the day was done I had read my mother’s palm (apparently she doesn’t think demons are involved here), my dad’s palm (he wasn’t amused although he has a good twenty-five more years or more left in him), my husband’s palm (sap sucker is lucky his marriage line states only one marriage), my best friend’s palm (who started calling me Madame G before the day was over), and her husband’s palm (who completely ignored my knowledge and watched Friday Night Lights reruns instead) . After so many successful readings (HA!) I decided to check out my kids palms. Afraid they would think that their mother actually took stock in palm reading I didn’t tell them what I was doing. I didn’t want my kids growing up thinking that what their mother read on their palm was their fate in life. I was just having fun. Just a little research.

When I took my son’s hand and checked out his palm my ten year old daughter frowned at me. Then very perceptively asked, “Are you reading his palm?” Startled I glanced up at her and realized Disney Channel had probably already clued her in on this one. So, I admitted that yes I was but I was just having fun. She shrugged and sat quietly for a few minutes then said, “I thought you said that we choose our own path in life.” I froze then released his hand. From the moment they were old enough to understand, I have told all three of my kids that we are given choices everyday. It is up to us to make the right choices because we have to live with the choices we make. We pave our own path in life. My ten year old might roll her eyes at me like I haven’t got a clue sometimes but she is listening to me. Just like I was convinced a wigi board would put a demon in me if I touched it. My daughter had listened to every word I said. I hugged her to me and replied, “You’re right. We do. I was playing a silly game in the name of research. But we control our fate.” I won’t be checking out anyone else’s palm. My days as Madame G are over 😉

(Okay maybe I might check them out sometimes for fun but I’ll be very sure none of my kids are around)