I am currently working on giving Marcus a happily ever after. Here is a tiny peek…..

Green eyes met mine and I stood there frozen, staring at him. He looked so much older now. His shoulders were wider and his arms were corded with muscles making them appear thicker than I remembered. 
“I didn’t realize you had company,” Marcus said as his eyes shifted between me and my brother. 
Preston let out a bark of laughter and pointed his soda can at me, “You don’t recognize her do you?” A small frown puckered Marcus’ brow making him look adorable. I wanted to kiss it away. No, no, no it was time to let go of this silly crush. I was eighteen years old and it was well past time I got over Marcus Hardy. Slowly his frown began to melt and surprise took it’s place. I guess I’d changed more over the past two years than I realized. It’d taken him much longer than it should have to recognize me. 
Dang him! He had to ruin it all by calling me the stupid nickname he’d given me when I was seven and always trying to tag along with Preston and his friends.

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