Sitting my cup down on the tailgate, I took a step toward Beau. This was a fight I needed. Holding my aggression in was so damn hard at times. Ashton, however, wasn’t going to standby and watch. 
        She grabbed Beau’s shoulders and jumped up wrapping her legs firmly around his waist. If seeing her wrapped around him didn’t piss me off so bad I’d laugh at her determination to keep us from fighting. She’d been dealing with us since we were kids and she knew exactly how to keep us from coming to blows. Throwing herself in the line of fire was the only way.
       Amusement lit Beau’s eyes as his angry snarl turned into an amused grin and his eyes shifted from me to Ashton. “What ya doin’ baby?” He asked in that slow drawl I hated. He’d been using it on girls since we hit puberty.
      “That’s the way to distract him Ash,” Kayla Jenkins hooted from Toby’s lap.
More catcalls and whistles started. Beau was smiling at Ashton like she was the most fascinating person in the world. 

RELEASES 6/5/12 
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