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Because of Low

         “He isnʼt like us Low. You know that right.”           I knew what Cage was saying. Marcus was out of my league. He didnʼt want me thinking there could ever be anything between me and his roommate. I was low class. Marcus was a rich kid.  “Iʼm not stupid Cage.”  “No youʼre fucking brilliant. And a guy like Marcus would never get just how fucking perfect and brilliant …

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Excerpt from The Vincent Brothers

     The last time I sat on Ashton’s bed talking about the Vincent boys, I had told her that she needed to let both of them go. Even then, I knew she wouldn’t be able to actually do it. They were so much a part of her life. Beau especially.  “Is Sawyer dating?” I asked trying to sound as casual as possible. Ashton let out a short laugh,”I wish.” That was odd. He was …

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