The Vincent Brothers releases June 5, 2012. I’ve posted four other teasers on my blog over the past two months. This will be the last one. Remember The Vincent Boys is only .99 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble until the release of The Vincent Brothers.

      “Hey! You passed Hanks,” Ethan announced pointing his finger toward the burger place we normally went to eat. 

       “Not going to Hanks,” was my only response. They were the ones who jumped in my truck. If they didn’t like my need to get out of Grove then they could walk back to town when we got to where I was headed. 
       “You leaving Grove?” Jake asked.
        Ethan sighed and leaned back in the seat, “We may end up in Florida before he stops this damn truck.”
        “Florida? I’m starving and a cheeseburger from Hanks would’ve fixed that,” Jake grumbled. 
        Slowing down the truck, I pulled over and glanced back at Jake, “You’re welcome to get out and walk back.”
        His eyes widened and he slowly shook his head. “No man, that’s okay. I’m good.”
       I pulled back onto the road and ignored the exchange between the guys. They both thought I was nursing a broken-heart. Well, they were right. 
       No one said another word until I pulled the truck into the parking lot of Wings. I’d driven about twenty miles south to the next town big enough for decent restaurants. 
       “You should’ve told me you were headed to Wings. I’d have shut up,” Jake made an excited whoop as he jerked open the backdoor of the truck and jumped out. 
       This was somewhere I’d never eaten with Ash. There weren’t many places that I didn’t have a memory of her so my choices had been limited. Tonight, I needed to get my mind off of Ashton and focus on my futureor at least my summer. 

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