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     The tent flap opened and Sawyer ducked inside grinning at me.       
“Waiting up for me?” 
      My heart fluttered and all worries of school were pushed aside. “Yes.” 
      “I had to slay all those hungry black bears circling the tent first,” he teased. 
       I started to reply when he yanked his shirt over his head and his very well defined bare chest was inches from my face.  
Swallowing hard, I focused on breathing properly. His abs were so perfect they looked unreal. I mean, I’d seen him shirtless before but never this closeup. His cargo shorts hung on his hips. Even his hips were defined. The small patch of dark hair that trailed from below his belly button to beneath the waist of his shorts made me gulp. Suddenly it was very, very hot in the tent and I needed someone to throw cold water on me or fan me.
       “Lana,” Sawyer’s voice broke into my thoughts and I lifted my eyes from his tantalizing flat stomach to his meet his gaze. Oh my. Licking my lips nervously I tried to think of a response but Sawyer was laying me back and covering my mouth and body within seconds. His lips were gentler than the look in his eyes had been. I gasped as his bare chest brushed the thin material of my tank top and Sawyer’s tongue was in my mouth teasing, tasting and driving me crazy.

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