Today has been one of the MOST AMAZING days of my life. Why? Well… I am officially a New York Times Bestselling author. Just typing that makes me giddy. Not only that, Fallen Too Far also made the Wall Street Journals bestseller list.

I’m amazed, honored, thankful, and in complete awe that Fallen Too Far has been so well loved. I can’t thank all of you who read it enough. Those who left reviews and those who blogged about it, THANK YOU! So much. Truly, I am so grateful.

In honor of this awesome day, I have a cover reveal.  Fallen Too Far isn’t the end of Rush and Blaire’s story. They have one more book – Never Too Far. It is set to release in March but I really hope to release it earlier.

The incredibly talented and extremely cool Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations created this cover. It fits the storyline well. Blaire’s world has been completely flipped upside down. She’s lost. She’s confused and she’s alone. I don’t have the blurb ready yet but I do have a tiny sneak peek:

It had been three weeks, four days and twelve hours since I’d seen her. Since she’d torn my heart out. If I had been drinking, I’d blame it on the alcohol. It had to be an illusion; a desperate one. But I hadn’t been drinking. Not a drop. There was no mistaking Blaire. It was her. She was actually here.

Blaire was back in Rosemary.

YES this one has Rush’s POV in it too. You’re welcome 😉

NOW for the cover…

What do you think?