I promised that I would post a special excerpt from the book retold in Rush’s POV once FALLEN TOO FAR reached #1 on Barnes & Noble and under #10 on Amazon. Last night FALLEN TOO FAR hit #1 on Barnes & Noble and #8 on Amazon. I am working on the Rush POV now. Until then here is a small excerpt from the book. The Rush excerpt I am posting will be the scene that follows this one.


“Blaire?” Rush’s concerned tone surprised me and I snapped my eyes open and strained in the darkness to see him walking over toward me.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I couldn’t find you. Why are you out here? This isn’t safe.”

I’d had it with his big brother role. I could handle things myself. He needed to back off. “I’m fine. Go back inside and continue your make-out session in our booth.” The bitterness in my voice was obvious. It couldn’t be helped.

“Why are you out here?” he repeated, slowly taking another step toward me.

“Because I want to be,” I replied just as slowly, glaring up at him.

“The party is inside. Isn’t that what you wanted? A honky-tonk with men and drinks? You’re missing it out here.”

“Back off, Rush.”

Rush took one more step toward me leaving all but an inch between us. “No. I want to know what happened.”

Something in me snapped and I put both hands on his chest and shoved as hard as I could. He barely stumbled back. “You want to know what happened? YOU happened Rush. That’s what happened.” I stormed around him and stalked toward the dark parking lot.

One strong hand wrapped around my arm stopping me and I jerked hard trying to set myself free but it was no use.  Rush had a firm hold on me and he wasn’t letting go.

“What does that mean, Blaire?” he asked, pulling me back up against his chest.

I squirmed against him fighting back the urge to scream. I hated the way the smell of him made my heart race and my body throb. I needed him to stay at a distance. Not rub his warm delicious body all over me.

“Let. Me. Go.” I snapped.

“Not until you tell me what your problem is,” he replied angrily.

I twisted in his arms but he didn’t budge an inch. This was ridiculous. He didn’t want to hear what I had to say. That realization made me want to say it. Knowing that what I was going to say would bother him. Mess up his whole friendship idea.

“I don’t like seeing you touch other women. And when other men grope my ass I hate it. I want it to be you touching me there. Wanting to touch me there. But you don’t and I have to deal with it. Now, let me go!” I jerked free and ran for his Range Rover. I could hide out there until he was ready to take me home.

Tears stung my eyes and I ran harder. When I reached his vehicle I walked around to the side and leaned back against it closing my eyes. I had just told Rush I wanted him to grope my ass. How stupid could I be? He’d given me my own room. Offered to let me stay there until my dad got home so I could save money and I’d just given him every reason to kick me out.

The locks on the Range Rover clicked and I opened my eyes to see Rush stalking toward me. He was going to take me home and kick me out. He stopped beside me and jerked open the back door. He was putting me in the back. How humiliating.

“Get in or I’ll put you in,” he growled.

I scrambled into the backseat before he could throw me in. But he didn’t slam the door behind me. Instead, he climbed in after me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, just before he pressed me against the seat and covered my mouth with his. I opened to him with one probe from his tongue. The flick of metal in my mouth was exciting. Tonight his minty taste wasn’t mixed with something else. I could taste him for hours and never get bored.

Both of his hands found my hips and he shifted me until one leg was up on the seat with my knee bent and my other one still on the floor. He’d spread me open and then settled between me. His mouth left mine and trailed hungry kisses down my neck.  He took a small nip of my bare shoulder causing excitement to course through me.

Both his hands found the hem of my shirt. “Take it off,” he said as he lifted it over my head and then threw it in the front seat without taking his eyes off my chest.  “I want it all off, sweet Blaire.” He reached behind me with one hand and had my bra unsnapped in less than a second. He pulled it down my arms before throwing it in the front seat with my shirt.

“This is why I tried to stay away. This, Blaire. I won’t be able to stop this. Not now.”



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“Honest truth: I have read everything that Abbi Glines has written and with Fallen Too Far she has outdone herself. This novel had me smiling one moment and then feeling my heart clench in so many others. I cried – several times – you know those tears you shed when you actually can physically feel the character’s strife and pain? I was there. I think I went through just about every emotion with Blaire and Rush. Oh and Rush… hot, sexy Rush had the perfect blend of bad boy and hot leading alpha male that I crave in novels. This novel had it all: steam, lust, desire, heartache, loss, soul-binding love, excellent supporting characters, and one hell of an ending which has me clawing for the sequel.”- New York Times Bestselling author Tina Reber (Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed.)