WARNING: this book is not a YA book. It is for mature readers. Please proceed with caution.

Scene from FALLEN TOO FAR retold in Rush’s POV

“Blaire?” I called, as I stepped out of the bar to see her leaning against the building. Her arms were crossed over her chest defensively. I wasn’t sure what had happened in there but if the redneck wannabe cowboy had stepped out of line I was going to rip his arms off.

“Yes,” she replied.

There was a hesitation to her voice. Was she upset with me?

“I couldn’t find you. Why are you out here? This isn’t safe.”

“I’m fine. Go back inside and continue your make-out session in our booth.” She was angry. That was clear. But was she jealous?

“Why are you out here?” I asked slowly taking another step toward her.

“Because I want to be,” she replied shooting an angry glare in my direction.

“The party is inside. Isn’t that what you wanted? A honky-tonk with men and drinks? You’re missing it out here.” I tried to lighten the mood. The look on her face said it wasn’t working.

“Back off, Rush.” She snapped. Well shit, she was mad at me. Because of that girl?

I took another step toward her. I couldn’t see her clear enough in the darkness.  “No. I want to know what happened.”

Blaire put both hands on my chest and shoved me. “You want to know what happened? YOU happened Rush. That’s what happened,” she verged on a scream then turned and starting walking away.

I reached out and grabbed her before she could go too far. I wasn’t letting this one go. If she was mad at me, I wanted to know why.

“What does that mean, Blaire?” I asked, pulling her back up against my chest.

She squirmed in my arms making frustrated little growls.

“Let. Me. Go.” She demanded.

Not a chance.

“Not until you tell me what your problem is,” I replied.

She began to twist and fight against me harder but I held onto her easily enough. I didn’t want to hurt her but I needed to understand what was wrong. Either I’d pissed her off or that guy had.

“I don’t like seeing you touch other women. And when other men grope my ass I hate it. I want it to be you touching me there. Wanting to touch me there. But you don’t and I have to deal with it. Now, let me go!”

I hadn’t been expecting that. She took advantage of the fact she’d just surprised the hell out of me and jerked free from my hold then took off running. I wasn’t sure where she thought she was going in the dark by herself.

She wanted me to touch her… there. Shit. I was sunk. I couldn’t fight this. I needed to. If I wanted to save us both pain later I would turn around and go back inside. But damn if I couldn’t find the strength to fight this need. I wanted her. I wanted her so fucking bad I was ready to make this work. Denying myself was one thing but denying Blaire was a whole other issue.

I didn’t think about it. I couldn’t. I just acted on instinct.

I went after her.

Once I was close enough to the Range Rover, I clicked the unlock button. I was touching her tonight. Right now. Right fucking now. And it was the stupidest thing I could do. For both of us but I just didn’t give a shit anymore. I was taking what I wanted. What she wanted.

“Get in or I’ll put you in,” I demanded. Her eyes went wide in shock and she scrambled quickly into the backseat. Her sweet little ass was stuck up in the air and my dick was instantly hard. God, why did I want her so bad? I shouldn’t do this. Blaire was the one person I could not have. She was my enemy. She was Nan’s enemy. But… I’d been watching her. She was nothing like I assumed. She was so far under my skin I couldn’t see straight.

I climbed in after her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I pressed her up against the seat and took another taste. The innocence pouring off her was intoxicating. She was pure. Not just with her body but with her thoughts. She wasn’t spiteful. She didn’t seek revenge. She trusted me. I was the world’s biggest dick.

I grabbed her hips and moved her so that I could settle my hips between her legs. I needed the connection. The warmth. Blaire didn’t fight me but did exactly as I prompted. I wanted to claim her. Completely. But it was wrong. Too much stood between us. Things she’d never forgive. Things she would never understand. Frantic, I reached for the hem of her shirt.

“Take it off,” I said as I lifted it over her head and then threw it in the front seat.  The soft perfect skin of her breasts peeked out of the top of the lacy bra she was wearing. I needed to see it all. I wanted to taste it all. “I want it all off, sweet Blaire.” I reached for the bra clasp and quickly undid it then slid the bra down her arms. She was beautiful. I’d known she would be. But seeing the hard pink nipples against her creamy smooth skin I realized I wouldn’t be able to go back.

“This is why I tried to stay away. This, Blaire. I won’t be able to stop this. Not now.”