I get questions from new readers all the time on what order to read my books. I’ve written a lot and it’s confusing, I know. So this is here to help you!
The Vincent Boys Series:
#1 The Vincent Boys (Beau Vincent)
#2 The Vincent Brothers (Sawyer Vincent)
#3 My Vincent Boys (release date unknown)
note: There are two versions of these books. One version is the original and it is mature YA. The extended and uncut version is very NA. This was something my publisher requested when I signed with them. So I did it.

The Sea Breeze Series: 
#1 Breathe (Jax Stone) This is a YA book and the first book I ever published.
#2 Because of Low (Marcus Hardy) This book is NA as the rest of this series is NA. This one isn’t as explicit as the next books but it is much more so than Breathe.
#3 While It Lasts (Cage York)
#4 Just For Now (Preston Drake)
#5 Sometimes It Lasts (Cage York #2) releases August 27
#6 Misbehaving (Jason Stone) releases December 17
Answers to questions: I plan on writing Dewayne a book and possibly Krit.

I’m going to stop calling this next series the Too Far series because it’s confusing with all the spin offs. I am going to call it—
The Rosemary Beach Series: 
#1 Fallen Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#2 Never Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#3 Twisted Perfection (Woods Kerrington)
#4 Forever Too Far (Rush Finlay)
#5 Simple Perfection (Woods Kerrington) releases Sept 23
#6 Take A Chance (Grant Carter) releases Feb 3
#7 One More Chance (Grant Carter) Not sure on release date
Answers to questions: I plan on writing Tripp two books also. And YES I am going to write Rush Too Far which is Rush’s version of Fallen Too Far. Not sure on release date for that one either.

Existence Trilogy:
#1 Existence
#2 Predestined
#2.5 Leif
#3 Ceaseless
Answers to questions: This series is complete. YES one day I will write another paranormal series. It might possibly be the Voodoo Prince’s story. I just don’t know yet. It has to strike me 

FUTURE series: Once all the books I mentioned have been written I do have a brand new series outlined and sitting on my desk begging me to write it. It will be a more mature New Adult like the Rosemary books.
And for those of you who read the prologue to the book Every Memory that I started and never finished, I do intend to finish that book. You can read it here if you haven’t http://ataleofmanybookreviews.com/birthday-bash-for-abbi-glines-exclusive-excerpt-from-every-memory-giveaway/