iStock_000018826779SmallShe wasn’t supposed to see him….

                  and he wasn’t supposed to let her live. 


My contemporary romances are by far the most popular with readers. However, I do have a paranormal romance. Many readers haven’t even given it a try because they aren’t sure what they will think of it. In celebration of Halloween I’m going to giveaway five signed copies. How to enter? Email me at and tell me your spookiest story before 7pm central time tonight! 

Existence is a trilogy:




(Leif is a novella for those Leif fans out there. It needs to be read between Predestined and Ceaseless if you plan on reading it)

When Death comes knocking on your door you don’t expect him to be the lead singer in a rock band. Pagan Moore’s time is up but she can see souls and has been able to to her entire life. When she spots Death she knows he’s no ordinary soul.

While Existence is a YA book, Predestined starts to push the lines a little further. In the final book Ceaseless it is a New Adult book with the steaminess I am known for. Pagan is in college in Ceaseless so things heat up… big time.

If you haven’t read the series I hope you’ll give it a chance! Existencepic

And if you’re wondering… this would be who I would cast as my Dank aka Death



Jared Leto