Normally I don’t share the voice behind the song. I have several songs in my books that the “character” has written and performed that I have  recorded and made available for readers to purchase. However, keeping the real performer’s identity a secret helps the reader imagine the fictional character actually singing the song.

BUT! Y’all will not let this thing go with Fallen Too Far. When I tell you it is “Rush Finlay” that sings it you keep on at me. That isn’t the answer you want. You want to know the real artist. So FINE!! I give in!! You have broken my resolve!!

Fallen Too Far is the wedding song in Forever Too Far for those of you who haven’t read the book. You can hear a sample and purchase it here:

Now for a little background info about the songs in my books.

I write the lyrics to the songs as I am writing the book. When the time comes for that song I write it into the scene then I send the lyrics to my cowriter Jay. He takes my lyrics and puts them to music. Then he finds the “voice” we are looking for. *Side note* Jay is also the voice behind Dank (Existence series). You can listen to Dank’s songs here for free: Yet You Stay and Closer

Jay is who found my voice for Rush. Jay also needs to be credited with the fact he added “I love you girl to the moon and back” to the lyrics. I didn’t have that line originally in the book. When that became one of the favorite quotes from the book it made me laugh. I wasn’t expecting that but it is cool that readers liked it!

When Jay sent me the test track for Rush’s song with the guy’s voice I knew that was the one. He had nailed what I heard in my head.

Meet Deven Bottiaux the voice behind Rush Finlay’s Fallen Too Far

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