It’s almost time! I have been wanting to share Grant’s story with readers since Blaire pulled her gun on him in the first page of FALLEN TOO FAR.  But it took five Rosemary Beach books before that could happen. While readers always swooned over Rush they have been curious about his former step-brother and now best friend- Grant Carter. He had a sexy playboy thing going. He was always so sweet to Blaire and seemed like the good guy.

But… then we find out he has a relationship with Nan?!?! The horror! LOL.

A few things to keep in mind you Nan Haters out there: Nan is gorgeous. Nan is manipulative. And Grant is a man. Also, Grant has his faults you just never got a chance to see them. The story has never been his. Until now…

The biggest thing I think readers will see is that Grant needed to be needed.

Does this book end with a cliffhanger? Well, there is ANOTHER book to their story. So what do you think 😉

Will it make it better for you if I tell you Rush is there in the last few pages. LOL! Bribery at its finest.

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