The Rush Too Far tour kicks off next week! And I’ve decided to add a little fun to the party. At each stop I’ll be handing out a crisp $100 to one lucky and creative winner. How do you win? Just like with everything else these days- it involves a selfie.

A selfie? Yep! A selfie with RUSH TOO FAR. On the day of the book signing in your city you can post a picture with you holding up Rush Too Far until an hour before the book signing event that night. Then you have to Tweet and/or Instagram your photo with the hashtag #RushCrushSelfie

The best (most creative) selfie gets the $100


– This is for readers attending the book signings in Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, and Atlanta. It’s part of the tour promo. (click each city to find out more about the event in that city)

– You MUST be present at the signing that night to win.

– You MUST use the hashtag #RushCrushSelfie

– You MUST show the cover of Rush Too Far in the photo.

Examples of selfies below (Yes I grabbed my daughters and one of their guy friends in my kitchen at this very moment to do a selfie with my book) photo-2Annabeephoto-2 copy

On May 6 I’ll be looking for the best selfie- Los Angeles! That’s where it all starts. Remember you don’t post your selfie until the day of the event you will be attending. You MUST be present to win.