Trisha stood looking at the schedule in her hands. The way she pressed her lips together when she was thinking was fucking cute. She had the best facial expressions. You could almost read all her thoughts just by watching her face.
            “Ain’t fair that you get prettier every time I see you,” I said as I came up beside her and stopped. It was lame but the girl made me nervous. I said stupid shit whenever I was around her.
            Trisha tensed up just like she always did when I got near her. I hated that. Not once had I done anything to make her dislike me. I’d been knocking myself out to get her to notice me for more than a year now.
            “You gonna talk to me this year or do I continue to get the silent treatment?” I asked.
            Her frown deepened but I waited. I wasn’t going to let her lock me out. She could at least speak to me. Why she was the one girl at this school who didn’t want to talk to me, I didn’t know. Hell, even the girls I’d pissed off thawed easier than she did when I wanted them to.
            “I’m not giving you the silent treatment. I just don’t want to encourage you. I’ve tried to be nice about it.”
            Ouch. Damn, the girl was mean. Problem was, I didn’t believe her. I had seen her watching me when she didn’t think I was paying attention. And there had been interest in her eyes. Something else was making her put up a wall.
            “I’m real nice. Wish you’d at least give me a break and be my friend.” Had I really just asked to be put in the friend zone with this girl? Dammit I was slipping. I didn’t want her to be my friend.
            She finally turned her head and tilted it back to look up at me. She was tall for a girl, but I was taller. The confused expression on her face almost made me laugh out loud. She was thinking I had lost my mind too.
            “You don’t have girls that are friends. You have your little gang and none of you are friends with girls.”
            She had me there. But she was different.
            “I’m thinking I want to test the waters. Besides, if the only way I can get you to talk to me is to offer friendship, I will.”
            She raised her eyebrows in disbelief then, for the first time ever, she laughed. I had never seen or heard her laugh but, goddamn, it was something else. I wanted to record it and play it over and over again. Soaking in the fact I had made her laugh. Memorizing the way her eyes danced with amusement. I forgot where we were and everything else around me.
            “You think that’s funny?” I asked, unable to keep from grinning like a fool.
            She let out one more soft chuckle then shook her head. “No I think that’s hilarious. You wouldn’t last a day without flirting with me.” As she said those words she snapped out of her moment of amusement. The tense, frustrated girl was back. “I need to get to first period. Excuse me,” she said and started to walk off. But I wasn’t caving in now. This was the most she’d talked to me and I didn’t want it to end. I needed reassurance she’d talk to me again.
            “Give it a chance. Be my friend.” I was begging. That was a plea. The boys were going to tease my ass for weeks over this.
            She let out a sigh and turned back to look at me. “Sure. Whatever. Now I need to go to class, friend.”
            With that, I flashed her a grin that had most girls wrapping themselves around me and let her go. “See you later, buddy,” I called out as she hurried down the hall without looking back.
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