Throughout the year I am asked the question, “When are you coming to…..?” – insert the place where the person is from. While I would love to be able to see each Country, State, City or Town, you can see how that would be an impossible feat.

To help answer this question and keep you guys informed, there is an “Events” tab on my website to help you find me wherever my feet are planted or have landed. Occasionally the schedule will change – whether for additional events being added or something being cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. However, this is a pretty accurate picture of where I will be this year. So share this with your friends and check back often for possible revisions.

Here is the link:
I hope to see you soon at an event near you…… or not near you and you take an epic road trip adventure. 🙂

When I’m Gone – coming April 7 and When I’m Back – coming June 30.

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