I get asked this question repeatedly, “What is the reading order for….?”. In fact, it is the top question asked in Google associated with my name. I love that this question is asked often because it means there are new readers joining us and current readers are sharing with their friends and family or reading again for themselves. Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re not tired of me. πŸ™‚

When I'm GoneI’ll start with the Rosemary Beach series. Here is the link to the series page on my website with the book list in the reading order. I also get asked often about where the Rosemary Beach series is going, what are the next books, etc. Of course, I have already revealed and available for pre-order the next two books in the series – WHEN I’M GONE and WHEN YOU’RE BACK – Mase Manning’s story. After those two books release, the next in the series will be Captain’s story, followed by a novella for Dean, and ending with Nan’s highly requested story to finish out the series. Dates are not currently available for the books past Mase.When You're Back

Now, here are the links to the rest of my series pages:

Sea Breeze Series

The Vincent Boys

Existence Series

Happy Reading!