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If you have not been introduced to the Sea Breeze series and the book While It Lasts, below this article I have provided links to the series page. I hope you enjoy!

For those familiar with the series and the book, I realized after my last update on what’s happening with the movie that many people still don’t know we are making a movie! To help keep everyone informed, we have added a page to my website just for info and updates on the movie.

Click the While It Lasts image (included above) on my website at any time to be taken to the webpage, which includes a new Q&A video by Addam Bramich (Cage York). We will continuously update the page with new information as it becomes available. There is also information on how you can help us spread the word about Cage York coming to the big screen. #WhileItLastsMovie #bookstomovies

Don’t forget to check out the entire Sea Breeze series here



 And coming soon, get your hands on Mase Colt-Manning…..