EveryoneIsIrishHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Ok, so Mase Colt-Manning is not Irish….. but who would be able to resist him if he were wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button? Or maybe you’d like it if he wasn’t wearing green for an excuse to be able to pinch him. 🙂

Just for fun I looked up the heritage of the surname Manning. It originates in England and means a valiant man. Perfect for Mase! However, the site also mentions that there were Mannings that moved to Ireland, so maybe there is some Irish in there after all. Pucker up!


I hope you are all dressed up in appropriate or crazy inappropriate amounts of green and have fun with all the festivities of the day. Today we are taking this opportunity to roll out a new product. A candle for Mase!

MaseCandlePinterestSo I kissed him again and inhaled his scent. He reminded me of leather and the outdoors. – Reese

Based on Reese’s description of Mase’s scent, this candle is the perfect mix of leather and outdoors, which makes the perfect HOT cowboy scent. Buy yours now and have it in time to enjoy the wonderful smell of Mase while you read When I’m Gone.

Click the candle image or CLICK HERE to purchase your candle today.