When I created Cage York in 2012, I knew that he had changed my writing style forever. Although Cage wasn’t the hero in the book he was introduced in – Because of Low, his book did come several months later when I wrote While It Lasts.

My male characters evolved and so did my writing style with that book. Cage pushed all my boundaries and I loved him for it. He made me a better writer. I learned that when a character breaks the rules of what we consider safe that it can become something epic. And to me he was just that- epic.HarlowLive Bait_02Live Bait

Now, as I experience every aspect of taking my book from paper to the screen I’m thankful it’s with a character that is so much a part of the author I’ve become. Choosing a Cage York wasn’t something I ever even considered. However, Addam Bramich fits the character perfectly. His real personality is so close to Cage York’s that at times I forget he isn’t Cage.

It is safe to say that I’m looking forward to the filming of this movie and watching one of my most beloved couples come to life.

So that Addam can immerse himself in all things Sea Breeze, he is currently in South Alabama with me.  Having him in my office, playing with Harlow (my dog), walking along the beach that inspired Sea Breeze, and hanging out in the club that inspired Live Bay is surreal.

In my head all my characters are my friends. I know them well. Now, I can say with all honesty that Addam has become my friend. Which makes this process all the more fun.

Do we know who Eva is? Yes. Are we telling yet? Soon.

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