In While It Lasts there is a scene in the lake where Eva sees Cage shirtless for the first time. He has a barbell piercing through his left nipple and like most women she’s fascinated. When I wrote this into the book I never thought I’d one day be going with the actor that had been cast as Cage York to get his nipple pierced.

But oh boy am I glad it did happen that way. Addam Bramich was hilarious. The entire event will forever be stuck in my head as one epic afternoon. I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in my life.

Other than Addam’s sense of humor making it memorable, actually seeing it happen was awesome. More than once that day I reminded him it could be worse. He could be playing the role of Rush or… Krit. And if you’ve read those books you know their piercings are even more intense.

Addam’s desire and determination to immerse himself into the role of Cage York and give readers the best version of the story that he can was stated loud and clear. Because as funny as he was… you can tell he was also terrified. In the end he was a real badass.