If you have been keeping up with me on social media then you know that we have been rolling out some photos and video teasers for the While It Lasts Movie over the last week. Well, today I wanted to continue that trend by letting you all know about some brand new wallpapers we just made available._MG_1281

Now you can stare at Cage York all day on your cell phone and your computer! We have Facebook banners, iPhone wallpapers and high quality desktop wallpapers. These are all available for free download and there are enough for you to rotate weekly. 😉

We will have more wallpapers, as well as different screen types and resolutions coming in the near future. So if you’re not an iPhone user or your needing Cage on your iPad or tablet don’t worry, they are coming very soon.

Currently I’m using the black & white Cage wallpaper. Which wallpaper will you be using?

I’m off to New York for Book Con!


Desktop Wallpaper BannersDesktop Wallpapers


iPhone Banner

iPhone Wallpapers