After a week in New York for BEA, I’m home again only to be leaving for LA in less than 24 hours of my arrival.  Life can be crazy busy but then I love every minute of it. Especially since I’m headed to LA to deal with some While It Lasts movie things. That’s all I can say about 😉

Since I haven’t been around much and my blog posts are slacking off I thought I’d give you some eye candy… wait… no, I mean some, uh… teasers (concept trailers) for the While It Lasts movie.

We have done several concept style teasers videos of Addam Bramich as Cage York. These aren’t actual clips from the movie but more preproduction ideas to give you a taste of Addam as Cage. He does a fantastic job stepping into the role of Cage York. He has the bad boy swagger and smirk that is a definite must and his southern accent is getting better every day.

Feel free to share these videos on your social media. I’d actually love you if you did! You can even post them on your blog. Just be sure to use the #WhileItLastsMovie hashtag.

Also, make sure you swing over to my store and pick up your “Cage Groupie” shirt personally signed by Addam and Me. There are only a handful left so act fast!

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