Contest to win an signed ARC of The Best Goodbye by creating and sharing Insta graphics! Two ways to win…..EnterToWin

Here is how it works:

Entry #1
* Pick one or more of your favorite quotes below from the book.
* Create an Instagram graphic for each quote you choose. (Make sure your graphic is 650×650 square & put your Instagram handle on the graphic for credit)
* Share your graphics on Instagram with the hashtag #TheBestGoodbye and #Original so we know you are the designer.
* You will be notified in the comments of your post if you’ve won.

Here are the quotes:

Because when River Joshua Kipling decided you were worth protecting, he did it with everything he had. – Addy

He needed to fucking fear me. I wasn’t a whole man. I was a broken, fucked-up one, and he was getting too close to the one woman who owned me. – Captain

I want to protect you. From everything. I always have. But I don’t think I can protect you from me. I thought I could. …I can’t. I want you too bad.  – Captain

Just don’t want to wake up and find out this is all a dream. – Captain

I couldn’t help it, though. Somewhere along the way, she went from my best friend to the person I wanted to be with forever. – River

I want to know what makes you cry, because I know I can fucking fix it. – Captain

I had thought I was saving her, but she saved me. – River

I had something to live for now. That changed everything. – Captain

Entry #2

* Share the graphics created by others with the hashtags #TheBestGoodbye and #Repost