shutterstock_3566512792015 was a year that will mark my life forever. It changed my world in many ways. People walked into my life that found a place in my heart and others walked out because it was time. The ones I added, I cherish and thank God that he saw fit to give them to me. I’ve needed them each in different ways and I can’t imagine life without them now.

Looking back there are bittersweet memories that mold this past year:

I’ve lost a beloved Grandmother whose memory I will hold in my heart forever.

I released the first book in a brand new series and watched it hit the New York Times three weeks in a row. I began the journey of turning While It Lasts into a film. I visited Paris for the first time. I grew closer to my children and spent more time with them as a family. I found that even though things were thrown at me to knock me down I’m much stronger than I once believed.

Most importantly I found me again. The girl I had lost along the way. That changed everything.


As I look toward this new year and all I plan to do, all I plan to write, all I dream of, I think about the road that got me here and I’m thankful for those who traveled it with me and stuck by me no matter what. My children and my friends are where I find my happiness. It’s where my creativity flows. It’s where I find my blessings.

What to look for from me in 2016:

  • The last book in the Rosemary Beach series UP IN FLAMES
  • The second book in The Field Party series UNDER THE LIGHTS
  • A stand alone new adult romance not connected to any series THREE RULES
  • Dean Finlay’s novella
  • FINALLY two more episodes of Boys South of the Mason Dixon