Calling all Nan Haters Lovers!!!

Now you can share your feelings about everyone’s favorite bitch of Rosemary beach.

On March 30, 2014, Natasha Tomic of Natasha is a Book Junkie fame, posted the following on Facebook


So, at the last signing that Abbi attended I wore this button and got quite a few people doing a double take and asking me, “Really?” Yes, really. I think Nan can be redeemed. She is not evil, she is the product of bad parenting, but I think there is a heart underneath all that malice. I’m hoping that I might have brainwashed Abbi with my “button strategy”, although she kept shaking her head at me and saying I was ruining her hashtag. #Whatever #NanLover #IWillWearYouDownAbbiGlines

In tribute to the beginning of Natasha’s #NanLover campaign, we’ve designed this shirt for all you NanLovers out there. We have also recreated the button that started it all. Order yours today!


Congratulations to our Luck of the Irish Winner…Natalie Abitago of Round Rock, TX

Natalie, click HERE for information on how to claim your prize.

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