Leading up to the much anticipated release of Up In Flames, I’ve been giving away books from the Rosemary  Up In FlamesBeach Series. Each week through my social media accounts I am giving away a different book or set of books from my Rosemary Beach Series. That means you have 5 Chances to win each week.

(Please note: prize winners are not eligible to win another contest until 30 days after a winning)

Next week we’re giving away signed copies of The Best Goodbye.  Stay tuned to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you can enter to win.

For those who haven’t read them, here is an excerpt from one of the books!


When we got home and I saw that Captain’s truck wasn’t in the drive, I knew wouldn’t be long before it would be. I took Franny over to visit with Mrs. Baylor and explained that I would be having company later, making sure that Franny could stay until I came for her.


Mrs. Baylor had looked concerned, but then I was battling anxiety, fear, and uncertainty so fiercely that hiding it was impossible. Getting Franny safely tucked away and dealing alone until Captain showed up was best. I had to come to a decision.


Captain knew something. He was connecting the dots. It was very likely he did recognize me but hated me so badly that he had let me leave. But I knew enough about the man he’d become to now he was going to want more answers. I expected his questions sooner rather than later.


I hadn’t been back at the house for an hour before his truck pulled into the driveway. When I heard the crunch of seashells under the tires. I knew without looking that it was him. I waited at my kitchen table while he made his way to the door.


His footsteps stopped, and he waited a moment before he knocked. This was it. Time for the truth. I’d deal with the consequences and keep Franny as protected as possible.


Standing up,  I took a deep breath and tried to calm my beating heart, then took off my glasses and laid them on the table. There was no point in wearing them now. When I came here, I knew this day would come. I’d prepared for it several times over the past year. But I realized now that you could never truly prepare for something like this.


Our past wasn’t normal, yet neither was the way I loved River Kipling. He’d been my anchor in the storm until I had needed to break free to save him. And I had. Because I’d loved him that much.


As I opened the door, every memory I had of River flooded through me. Every good moment, every life-changing moment, every time he had made me feel safe. I owed it to that boy to answer to this man. I give him the truth. All of it.