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Here is how it works:
* Pick one or more of your favorite quotes below from the book.
* Create an Instagram graphic for each quote you choose. (Make sure your graphic is 650×650 square & put your Instagram handle on the graphic for credit)
* Share your graphics with the hashtag #UpInFlames and #Original so we know you are the designer.
* You will be notified in the comments of your post if you’ve won.

* One winner chosen daily through Friday, June 24.

Here are the quotes:


“He knew my two favorite shows. He remembered everything about me. Which was yet another thing that complicated things for me.” – Nan

“And I was afraid, maybe just a little, that I loved him.” – Nan

“Some women pouted and sulked. Others tried to make the guy jealous. There were those who did the good-girl thing and moved on. Well, me, I just went to Vegas.” – Nan

“…I was more than turned on by the fact that I was with a man who was exactly what I suspected him of being: dangerous.” – Nan

“You keep looking at me like that, and you won’t get to eat that pizza.” – Gannon

“A smile tugged up on the corner of my lips as I chewed. It was a happy smile. I didn’t have many of those. That idea made me sad.” – Nan

“My chest felt hollow, and yet there was a sharp pain where she had shot me in the center of it.” – Major

“No woman had ever spoken to me that way. But, then again, I’d never met a woman like Nan before.” – Major

“Maybe I was enough. Maybe I could be loved.” – Nan

“This made me feel special in a way nothing else ever had. I’d never forget it. Major had found his way back into my heart.”  – Nan

“He made me feel safe and wanted in a way I never had before.” – Nan

“The bad news was that this was a dream, and I’d wake up having not experienced it at all.” – Nan

“Although Nan wasn’t ever a real villain, she was a deeply damaged and hurt female and was there anything more dangerous? I doubted it.” – Cope

“All my plans, decisions, beliefs and hatred for humankind had turned. And I never wanted to go back.” – Cope

“I’ll love you until I take my last breath. No one will change that. Not even you.” – Cope

Here is the book cover to use in your graphics:!

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