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Tomorrow is release day for Under The Lights so I thought I would share a bit about the series. The Field Party series all came from an idea directly associated with my childhood. Growing up in a small Alabama town we didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. So there was a field we went to at night to party. It was either that or cruise the Food World parking lot. The field was much more exciting.

The series began last August with Until Friday Night. My desire was to write teen novels with real life issues teens are facing along with the Friday night football games, romance, and field parties. I can honestly tell you I am very proud of Until Friday Night. It was everything I wanted it to be. The reaction I received from teens, teachers and even parents was amazing.

Tomorrow the second book in the series releases, Under The Lights. I had to tell this story in three points of view because it goes all the way back to the characters childhood and a friendship that started between a young privileged boy and the housekeeper’s granddaughter.

Willa Ames makes the same mistakes many teens make but her outcome is lasting. It is something she will never forget or be able to completely move on from. My own daughter had been going through a rebellious stage in her life when the idea for the book came to me. Thankfully she got it together and the tragedy that strikes Willa didn’t touch her. But to some kids they aren’t so lucky.

Brady Higgens is the All American quarterback with the perfect life. He knows no pain or struggle. Yet as a child he loved Willa Ames. Now she’s returned and things haven’t changed, at least for him.

Gunner Lawton has always had everything. His life appears easy to others. He’s out for himself and having fun. Nothing more. But at home it’s all falling apart and there are dark secrets he is holding close. The truth would change it all. When Willa Ames moves back in with her grandmother, his housekeeper, he remembers the girl from his past. The days spent in his tree house and the memories they made. She’s the only one who truly knows how imperfect his life really is.

One girl. Two boys. And secrets that can destroy them all.

Is this a love triangle? Not really. It’s much more.

Hope you enjoy Under The Lights – The hardcover is currently on sale at Amazon US for $7 (cheaper than the ebook)

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