Once She Dreamed-Graphic Contest!

Winners will receive a copy of the Ebook when it’s released.

Here is how it works:
* Pick one or more of your favorite quotes below from the book.
* Create an Instagram graphic for each quote you choose. (Make sure your graphic is 650×650 square & put your Instagram handle on the graphic for credit)
* Share your graphics with the hashtag #OnceSheDreamed and #Original so we know you are the designer.
* You will be notified in the comments of your post if you’ve won.

* THREE winners will be chosen, ONE each Friday leading up to the October 10th release date.

* Sammy Jo is the lead character. She is from a small rural town in North Alabama. She has blonde, loose  curly hair.  Jaime is her best friend, she has brunette hair.

Here are the quotes:

“I don’t imagine you ever in love. Sammy Jo Knox in love?” – Jamie

“I had never had crushes on a boy. Because the boys here were just that, they were here where I didn’t want to be.” – Sammy Jo

“Maybe I’ll conquer the world single and enjoy every minute of doing it.” – Sammy Jo

“I’m trying to figure out how you’re not already out there on some guys arm.”
           This time I smirked. “I don’t want to be.”

“For some it wasn’t enough. For me love wasn’t enough.” – Sammy Jo

“Momma always said this wouldn’t be needed if they’d all just read their Bibles and follow the rules as written. I figured if the Bible was full of rules then no wonder they didn’t want to read it. I liked the stories in it, especially the romantic ones, though often weirdly violent. I wasn’t much of a fan of the rules though.” – Sammy Jo

“This was my Cinderella moment. I wanted to take a photo, or better yet video this. Have it as a memory so when it was over I could remember it actually happened.” – Sammy Jo

“Just remember Sammy Jo, not all fairy tales are real, true or wise.” – Momma

“There’s more to a man than his money and what he can gift you with his wallet. It’s his heart that matters most.”  – Momma

“Since you were a little girl I knew you’d be the one to leave me. That face has stopped traffic and brought attention all your life.” – Momma