LIKE A MEMORY has been so much fun to write. When I decided to throw the twist at the end of UNTIL THE END with the famous last words being “Nate Finlay” I thought I was setting myself up for something I may do one day.

I didn’t realize readers would beg daily for a book with the kids of Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach. After all it’s only in Soap Operas that the kids can go from preschool to high school over the summer. I guess in fiction it can happen too…

SO that being said, two years after the end of the Sea Breeze series, I am now doing it.

I’ll be posting things all month about the book and giving you little sneak peeks here and there. This week we are starting with the playlist I listened to while writing for inspiration. As many of you know, I always write to music and with LIKE A MEMORY it was no different.


LIKE A MEMORY playlist:


Let Me Love You




This is What you Came For


Summer Girls


You & Me


Leave Out All the Rest


Whatever It Takes


Hard To Say I’m Sorry


Let’s Just Fall In Love Again



Just as I was about to finish chapter two a shadow fell over me. I figured it was Larissa. Looking up I grinned, about to ask if she had herself a hot date. My eyes locked on a familiar face. One that was older, a face I remembered, from two long summers ago. A face a girl would never ever forget. His silver eyes were stunningly breathtaking.
He was sixteen now but his muscular bare chest looked at least eighteen. I really hoped Larissa didn’t see him. Her tiny bikini and D cup boobs would draw his attention real fast.
“Bliss,” he said, remembering my name.
“Nate,” I replied as I sat up. I’d day dreamed about him often since that meeting on the beach when I was thirteen years old.
He smirked like he was impressed. Like he expected me to remember him but wasn’t positive I would.
“I was beginning to wonder if you still lived around here.” He spoke then moved to take a seat beside me. He made it look sexy and cool, just like I remembered from that summer. He wasn’t awkward, didn’t weirdly squat, like most people do in the sand.
“You’ve looked for me?” I asked. My heart doing a happy flutter in my chest. He had actually wanted to find me.
“Of course I did. You’re my favorite memory about this place. Sure as hell ain’t my grandpop’s bar.”
He cursed. Eli never cursed. My brother’s did when my parents weren’t listening, but they didn’t do it in public. When they were out having to work on the farm they would curse for the sake of cursing. The way Nate did it seemed much older. Like he was sure of himself.
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