Abbi’s Pot Of Gold March Giveaway is going to be a bit more interesting than simply a celebration of St Patrick’s Day. While we love leprechauns, four leaf clovers, green alcohol, and kissing; we found another holiday in March that we would like to introduce and celebrate.

National Make Your Own Holiday Day

That’s right! March 26 is National Make Your Own Holiday day and we want to see what you would make up. So here is how to enter:

  • Make up your own holiday and give it a name
  • Take pictures of yourself and/or others celebrating your new holiday
  • post your pics to social media with the #abbispotofgold

One winner will be announced on Friday, March 31 and will win Abbi’s Pot Of Gold!

What is in the pot of gold, you ask?

A limited edition “Like A Memory” t-shirt (coming soon)

A signed copy of “Like A Memory”

The graphic for the t-shirt is in the works and will be updated soon.