It’s quote graphic contest time. As always we have a fun, creative contest for the next book I’m releasing – Because of Lila, the next book in the Sea Breeze meets Rosemary Beach series. I love to see the creativity from my readers and the passion you all have for my books. This is one of my favorite parts of a book release – I can’t wait to see all of your graphics*!

Be sure to share your quote graphics using #BecauseofLila and #original. Also be sure to add your handle to your image for credit. Each winner will receive a $25 gift card – chosen between an Amazon card or an iTunes card. One winner will be chosen on Friday, June 30 and another on Friday, July 7.

Here are the quotes:

  • “The untouchable Lila Kate Carter,” he continued. “So desirable yet so freaking icy cold that you can’t get close.”   – Cruz Kerrington


  • “This was the most erotic, exciting moment of my life. I never wanted it to end. Ever.” – Lila Kate Carter


  • “Hot damn I get to see a good ole ass whoopin’ and I don’t have any popcorn,”     – Grant Carter


  • “Sometimes you do shit and you don’t think it through.” – Cruz Kerrington


  • “You said you wanted an adventure. What is more adventurous than climbing on my bike and just leaving?” “Where would we go?” I heard myself ask. “Anywhere, everywhere.”- Lila and Cruz


  • “What inspired this fit of rebellion?” – Cruz Kerrington


  • “I don’t look like Snow White.” “Yeah, Lila, you do. I once wondered if birds dressed you every morning. I was eight at the time so it made sense back then.” – Lila and Cruz


  • “You’re not cheap. You’re not easy. You’re like a rare fucking diamond. You want me? You want my attention? Why? I’m a mess. I can’t be what    you deserve.” – Cruz Kerrington


  • “You are kind, loving, generous, patient, and beautiful. You deserve something special.” “Mom, you got a fairytale. Not everyone finds those.” She titled her head to the side and smiled. “No, Lila Kate. Not everyone is patient enough to wait for it.” – Lila Kate and Harlow


  • “When my heart healed and I moved on, I hoped I found a fairytale with a guy like Eli.” – Lila Kate


  • “When you left I realized something. My heart isn’t where I thought it was. Bliss had become a habit. All I knew. No one had made enough of an impact on me to move her from my heart. But you… you made me forget. Showed me that there was more. That I could feel something for someone else,” – Eli


Happy creating! I can’t wait to see everyone’s creativity shine!

* Submitting graphics for this contest gives Abbi Glines and Abbi Glines Publishing, LLC permission to use the graphic for promotional purposes.

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