Dean’s Novella

You’ve wanted this story for a long time and I have wanted to give it to you but I have been stumped. It doesn’t happen often but Dean has been giving me a rough time. His story just won’t come to me. So one day in our marketing meeting, it came to me – give my readers the opportunity to tell Dean’s story and collaborate with me to finally give Dean his story. I had to make some phone calls to check on the legalities and here we are!!!
I’ve attached the Facebook Live video of the original announcement but this post will clarify the terms of the contest and give me an opportunity to answer the questions that were asked during the video. Here are the details:


Submit the first 5,000 words of the novella as if you were writing it on your own. The time, place, Dean’s age, etc are all up to you. I will read each entry. I am looking at writing style, the idea, your “voice” (the sound of your characters. How they feel.), and who I believe will flow well with my writing. Proper use of grammar is a factor but I’m not looking for perfection. Submissions are due by September 29th and must be in Word format sent to


The winner will sign a contract stating they understand this is not to make money since it will be free to the readers. The winner chosen will then collaborate with me, we will write a 25,000-30,000 word novella together, and the winner’s name will be on the cover with mine as the co-author.  I will pay for the cover, editing, and formatting. If there are book events feasible for the winner to attend with me, it will be at their cost – further details will be provided in the contract.


Collaboration will be by phone and email. If you happen to you live close enough to me for us to meet, we can arrange a coffee shop meeting or two based on my schedule of availability. However, I will not be available to travel in order to work with the winner, everything can be done via email and phone calls.


I suggest you read Kiro’s Emily (Free novella online), Fallen Too Far, Never Too Far, and Forever Too Far. Also Rush Too Far would be helpful. You will know enough about Dean after those books to write about him but the more you’ve read of the Rosemary Beach series the easier this will be. The idea for the story line is completely up to you. The only requirements are that anything mentioned from or pointing to the existing books in the series will have to be accurate. Your submission can be longer than 5,000 words, however, I will likely only read the first 5,000. I’ve been asked if your story needs to be edited. Again, proper use of grammar is important and a clean submission is easier to read but I’m not looking for perfection or a copy that is at final edit level. Submit your Word document to with the subject line: “DEAN’S NOVELLA CONTEST”.
I look forward to reading your submissions.


Dean Novella Announcement

Posted by Abbi Glines on Thursday, June 29, 2017