The fourth book in the Sweet Series releases in June!

I had never asked for a break. It had been a small request for space so I could think. Just some
time to reflect and search myself. Loving Marty had never been the problem. It was the word
marriage that haunted me. In the end, none of it mattered. Marty proved to be exactly what I
feared. Unfaithful. And he’d fooled me, not once, but twice. There sure as hell wouldn’t be a
third time.

Three long years and the sight of her still feels like electricity jolting me awake from a sleep I
didn’t realize I was in. Even with plenty of time to mentally prepare for this, being near Fiona
reminded me what I’d never managed to find in another woman. Even if she was crazy as hell.
A mixture of hot, cold, funny, brutal all wrapped into a fucking gorgeous package. When I left
town, I was getting away from any memories of her. Protecting myself the only way I could. But
my twin brother and her half-sister were tying the knot. Unlike us, Shay and Mack could claw
each other’s eyes out one minute and be madly in love the next. Making it through this
wedding weekend was all Mack asked of me. I could do it. I had to. Even if it took all the
whiskey in Savannah. Fiona wouldn’t break me. Not again.