How often does the newsletter go out?

I signed up for newsletter but I didn’t get the one that was sent recently?

I signed up for the newsletter but I am not receiving the emails. What is happening?

Where can I find the reading order to all of Abbi’s series?

What books are available in paperback?

I would love to get your autograph but I bought all your books as ebooks.

Can I get an ARC copy of your books?

What is the time frame for releasing episodes by Effy Vaughn?

Are your contest open to International readers?

When will Abbi’s books be published in my country/language?

When will Abbi come to my city, state, or country?

When do you offer sending books in to be signed?

Prize Winners


What is the reading order of the Rosemary Beach series?

Will Thad or Jimmy get a story in the Rosemary Beach series?

Can you tell us what is coming for the Rosemary Beach series?

Will Nan be redeemed in her own story?

Will there be another book from Rush’s POV?


Will there be another story that comes from the last two words of the Sea Breeze series finale UNTIL THE END?

Are you going to write a story for Jeremy or Green or other characters in the Sea Breeze series?

Why are there two versions of “Breathe”?

I didn’t know that WHILE IT LASTS is being made into a movie. What have I missed?


Is The Field Party series the continuation of the story hinted at the end of UNTIL THE END?


Is it true there may be another Vincent Boys book for the series?