Preston is one bad boy. And Amanda has harbored a crush on him for forever. When she finally makes her move on him, it does not end well. But still, she can’t resist him. Especially now that he seems to be pursuing her, too.

No one wants them to be together. Not Amanda’s brother Marcus, who is on the verge of his marriage to Low, and definitely not any of Preston’s buddies. They know way too much about Preston’s dark side. Yet the dangerous attraction is there…and neither Preston nor Amanda are going to deny it.

For Preston, his part in Breathe is as Marcus Hardy’s best friend. He shows up and is comic relief mostly.

In Because of Low, he is on Cage York’s baseball team as well as a fixture in Marcus’s life.

In While It Lasts, he only makes a few brief appearances. One of those is with Amanda and the hint as to what is coming next is very strong.

I’ve known Preston wasn’t exactly what he appeared to be since his first appearance in Breathe. I knew he had secrets but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever delve into his life. After Because of Low I knew just who was going to make him want to change and exactly how severe his issues were. I had no doubt that after I told bad boy Cage York’s story that I’d have to tell readers about Preston next. He is quite possibly the deepest character to date for me. Weird, I know, considering he has always been portrayed as the playboy. Looks can be deceiving and for Preston Drake that is exactly the case.